LK’s Old Fash

My Perfect Old Fashioned

As a whiskey junkie, my favorite drink is naturally an Old Fashioned. But for such a timeless cocktail, it’s rare I come across a well-crafted version outside of my normal go-to spots.

From years of drinking and mixing these bad boys, I’ve come to find out that less is more and simple is better. To achieve the right amount of sweetness, citrus and that smooth whiskey flavor, these step are easy to follow and relay to any mediocre bartender.

  • Take a mixing or pint glass and throw a generous pinch of raw sugar in the bottom. Some places will make their Old Fashion’s with a simple syrup reduction, which is great if you prefer them on the sweeter side, but I like my cocktails to have and in-your-face whiskey flavor, and too much sugar kills it for me.
  • Add 4-6 drops of Angostura bitters. Basically any bar that has a some-what sophisticated cocktail menu will have this type of bitters, and the really fancy ones will have more options. I like to add a drop or two of citrus bitters as well, if available.
  • Most bartenders think it’s a waste of time and a dirty muddler, but giving that sugar and bitters a little beating will help the flavors melt together nicely and prevent the sugar from sticking to the bottom of the glass. Sometimes I’ll throw a small orange peel to give it more of a citrus dominate flavor as well.
  • Now it’s time for the whiskey. You can’t go wrong with a good rye, but I prefer bourbon personally and I’ve been on a heavy Bulleit kick lately. Avoid the more common whiskeys like Crown and Jack, as they are much sweeter than top shelf options.
  • If I ever saw a bartender shake my Old Fashioned, I would make a run for the door and never look back. Stirring the cocktail will chill the ingredients without watering it down as much as shaking would. After a few good turns, strain the liquid over an ice sphere in a highball glass.
  • I don’t believe that cherries of any kind belong in an Old Fashioned, just an orange and lemon wedge will do.

And there you have it, an Old Fashioned just the way this bourbon girl likes it. (;



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