Hurricane Harvey relief efforts – how you can help



Harvey has hit with more power than predicted along the Gulf Coast over the weekend, and much farther North than expected. Though many cities near the coast had been evacuated prior to the storm, cities up-state were not prepared for the rain and flooding, and many were left stranded with little to no supplies.

If you are in Dallas and want to to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, here is a list of ways to contribute to relief efforts without having to bear the storm. This post will be regularly updated as more information and events come to attention.


Drink for a cause locations:

(All events have passed, but keep reading for other ways to still help!

Kung Fu Saloon will be donating 50% of profits on 8/29

Parlay Sports Club is accepting supply donations for Trusted World on 8/28

Sidebar Uptown Dallas is donating a portion of proceeds on 8/29

Houston Strong party (2617 Commerce St.) – free entry with donation and all proceeds will be donated 8/29

Candleroom is donating a portion of proceeds on 8/30

The Eberhard is donating a portion of proceeds from 4pm-10pm on 8/30

Milkshake Concepts will be donating 20% of sales at their venues as follows:

Citizen: Thursday from 10pm until 2am
Nikkei: Friday from 10pm until 2am
Stirr: All day Wednesday September 6th (as part of the #DTX4HTXinitiative)

**If there are other venues holding events that are not listed above, please email details to:


Places to drop off supplies:

Trusted World in Addison (15660 N. Dallas Parkway) is accepting supply donations from 3pm-8pm daily.

SouthPaws Grill Uptown (3227 McKinney Ave.) will also be collecting supply donations for Trusted World during hours of operation daily.

CBS Radio Tower (1431 N. Central Expy) will be taking supply donations all week.

Ellum Hair Studio (3111 Canton St. Ste. 120) will be accepting supply donations through September 10th.

Stirr (2803 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226) will be accepting supply donations from 11am-11pm daily.

Katy Trail Outpost (4700 W. Park Blvd) will be accepting supply donations during hours of operation daily.

2929 Wycliff Apartments will be accepting donations during hours of operation through Friday.

Keller Williams Real Estate Offices (18383 Preston Road Ste. 150) will be collecting supply donations until Wednesday evening (no clothing or furniture).

Brookhaven College in Farmer’s Branch will be accepting donations in Room K240 until further notice.
Supplies needed include:

Cases/jugs of water

Non-perishable foods

Blankets and pillows

Basic medical/first aid supplies

Hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes

Feminine products

Diapers, formula, baby food

Clothing of all sizes


Other ways to help:

Get yourself a Texas Strong shirt from Compete Every Day – All proceeds will be donated to American Red Cross and other organizations aiding hurricane relief.


The Dallas Convention Center will be housing refugees and are in need of cots and air mattresses for those evacuated. You can also volunteer to help get people accommadated. More information is linked on their website.

People with boats are desperately needed! Even if boat owners are unable to travel South, there are rescue teams that can use them to evacuate people quickly. Contact Houston PD if you are able to contribute.

If you have a spare bedroom or space that you rent/Airbnb, people that have been evacuated need a place to stay. Opening up your home to refugees affected by the storm will make a huge impact! The devastation will likely continue through the end of the week, and rehabilitation will take even longer. Click HERE to be connected with those who need housing through Airbnb.


Donating blood is easy and totally free if you cannot help through the options above. Find local donation centers in your area HERE.


Here are links to donate money to various organizations aiding in the relief efforts:

Salvation Army

Red Cross

SPCA of Texas

Coalition for the Homeless

Texas Diaper Bank


Food Banks:






And lastly, share this post to make others aware of how they can contribute.

Every little bit makes a difference!




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