My Secret Weapon For Blinding Highlight


So the other day I posted this photo and got a lot of comments on how blinding my highlight is.

Well today is your lucky day, cause I’m gonna share my secret weapon with y’all.


I’ve been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit since its release and the colors are SO pigmented, it honestly works wonders by itself. Every color blends perfectly with my skin tone. I’ve also used it on friends with darker tones than me and it really works for everyone.

My favorite colors are Snow when I want a less dramatic look and Hot Sand when I want to be blinding AF. Amber Gold has a pretty pink undertone to it, so I sometimes mix it with my blush. I used a mix of Sunray and Hot Sand for the look above.

But that’s not my secret weapon…

By rubbing a TINY tiny dab of Aquaphor high on the cheekbone where highlight goes, the powder turns into almost a gel and makes it stick where you want it with insane pigmentation. Sometimes if I really want to shine, I’ll throw a little on my collar bones too and dust my desired highlight color over it.

Top it all off with your favorite setting spray and you’re ready to fucking slay!

I saw a tip that involved Swarovski stones and some other secrets for perfect photo highlight. Comment below if you want to see a post about this!


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