Formulating… And Actually Sticking To NYE Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are over, everyone will be going back to work soon and all conversations will pertain to self-improvement and trendy, unrealistic resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about bettering oneself, but some goals people go around bragging about are complete BS. And they’re always so vague, like “I’m going to get healthy this year,” or “In 2018 I’m going to save more money.”

Without a clear goal and plan, success is impossible to reach. And making ridiculous goals like getting in the gym 5X a week or completely cutting out added sugars is a recipe for failure. A healthy balance is necessary to get yourself down the road to actual improvement.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for a new year and to help you stick to those resolutions.

  1. Don’t choose one single, broad resolution –

If you’re wanting to get in shape this year, find one thing that you enjoy doing like yoga, cycling or weight lifting, and commit to doing that activity a realistic number of days a week. If you’re not a frequent gym-goer, 2X a week is a great place to start. If you end up going 3-4X, great!

Same goes for financial and organizational goals. Budget your income and expenses, then choose a reasonable amount of money to put into a savings account each week. You can always increase the amount as you go, and it’s not as intimidating as stashing away all your extra income. Or decide on one project to tackle a month, like clean out your home office, reorganize your closet, etc.

Starting out with a realistic goal will keep you on track and prevent you from getting discouraged when that goal isn’t met.

  1. Daily, Monthly, Yearly –

This year I’ve made three resolutions that can be done on a daily, monthly and annual basis. It seems like a lot, but each is totally doable and will greatly improve my quality of life. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit, so come February, these things will hopefully be ingrained into my routine. Write them on a sticky note or paper and tape it somewhere you’ll look every day like your bathroom mirror. (Mine’s on my laptop right when I open it.)

And it’s important to remember that failure is OK! If you fall off, just hop back on the next day.

My 2018 goals are:

Daily – Get on my yoga mat EVERY DAY (even if it’s just 5 minutes.)

Monthly – Read one book off my must-read list.

Yearly – Learn a new skill (this will likely come naturally through school, but it’s a good goal to keep in mind throughout the year.)

  1. Plan it out –

Like I said, without proper planning, you’re setting yourself up for failure. I’ve become a slave to my Google Calendar – and I’m not mad about it! Between over planning my weeks and time-blocking, I’m able to get an insane amount done throughout the day all while sticking to my goals.

Daily reminders of your resolutions can help keep you on track and is a useful tool for tracking your progress. For example, schedule your work-outs in your calendar like a meeting, and at the end of the day write down in the notes what you did to be active – or if you totally missed that day. Then look back on previous weeks to see what works best for you and adjust accordingly.

(I’ll be posting an in-depth blog about calendar organization and time-blocking soon – subscribe to my site so you don’t miss it!)

  1. Avoid negative word choice –

When formulating your resolutions, word choice is SO important. Instead of using words with not after them (can’t, won’t, couldn’t etc.,) replace them with a more positive tone. Same goes for eliminating things from your life. So instead of saying, “I will not eat candy in 2018,” change it to, “I will eat more vegetables in 2018.” By focusing on the things that will improve your health and life instead of prohibiting yourself from the bad, you’ll trick your brain into positive thinking and healthy actions rather than constantly telling yourself what you can’t have or do.


Hopefully this will help get you motivated and focused on making 2018 your year!

Comment below what your New Year’s resolutions are!



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One thought on “Formulating… And Actually Sticking To NYE Resolutions

  1. -create extra income to get out of debt by September 2018
    -be confident in my physical appearance
    -walk my dogs at least three times a week (even if it’s freezing outside)
    -continue to consistently work out and build strength
    -become involved in charitable programs to help others in need

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