How One Daily Gummy Has Freed Me From The Nail Salon For Good

The other day, my friend Rik was telling me how she is finding better ways to do her nails at home because, well, nail salons suck.

And for the most part, they really do. Don’t get me wrong, I will never not indulge in a lengthy pedicure – with salt scrub, hot wax, orange slices and rose petals, hold the stone massage sub extra foot love, casual – but when it comes to my hands, a manicure nothing but inconvenient. We’ve got our phones and drinks and things to touch, OK?

So lately I’ve just been getting my toes done – and I mean all out, no holding back done – and getting my nails cleaned up and buffed instead of a complete manicure.

No tips, no gel polish, no dip powder, nada.

I do this every now and then to let my nails “breathe,” and it helps somewhat, but normally I revert back to adhesive and plastic on my fingertips at some point because my nails were never strong enough without them. Until now, that is.

At first, I honestly couldn’t have told you what was making my nails grow like freaking tumbleweed. But after a little research and a look at my dietary and supplemental changes, I figured it out. Olly Nutrition Purely Probiotics.

I got them, along with the fiber gummies, before my trip to trim my tummy for the beach (high fiber, low protein diet – may not be glamorous but shit works ((pun intended)). But I didn’t realize the other benefits probiotics had aside from digestive health.

If you don’t know about probiotics, let me break it down for you as well as I, a non-doctoral human, can: Probiotics are good bacteria and yeast that keep your gut happy and functioning efficiently. While the label “bacteria” may be more commonly associated with sickness and disease, our bodies need to be balanced with both to function. And when you take antibiotics, which kill all bacteria, you lose a lot of this good, helpful bacteria in the process (totally resonates with my anti-prescription mentality).

They are found naturally in fermented food or drink such as yogurt and kombucha, which makes sense why I have never had a diet high in probiotics – I hate yogurt and kombucha is expensive.

Seriously makes these gummies the best discovery of the year already.

After a little googling, I found that probiotics also help with wrinkle prevention by eliminating damaging toxins that lead to signs of aging and increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and maintain hydration. They may even act as protection against sun damage, although there isn’t as much research to back this theory (the science people say it looks promising though).

So basically what I’ve concluded is that probiotics are the tits and you should be eating them – but don’t over-do it. I take the supplements about 5 days a week and that seems to work well for me. If your diet has probiotics in it already, maybe take them less or add more foods naturally source with them.

Doesn’t matter how you do it, but trust me, you want to do it.

The only thing this post is sponsored by is my happy bank account now that I’m saving money at the salon each month. *cha-ching*



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